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FramaRoot 1.9.1 - Root Android Device Without PC

FramaRoot 1.9.1 - Root Android Device Without PC

FramaRoot is an root app is developed by Android developer. Android users can root their smartphone or gadget without using PC. By using this app, users easily will get administrator privileges or will get full access on their Android phone. After rooting success, then you install SuperUser (SuperSU) and the app will check your root on your phone. Where we will download FramaRoot, let's follow link below to download framaroot :

Download Framaroot 1.9.1

To download the app, please come to this page Root Android Using FramaRoot. Just follow the steps and if you can not get broken links or links, please visit the official website.
After you installed FramaRoot, you will choose the options of the root method. Please select "install SuperUser" and the next select "Gandalf", wait until you see the notification of successful, and then restart your Android phone.

Framaroot Features

  • Root Android without PC
  • Usage is very easy, one click method
  • Comes with Superuser, SuperSU, and Unroot
  • App size is so small

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